About Us

Impact Era (Also known as IE and IE31) is a Fraternity of Poets, Singers, Rappers, Beat Boxers, Instrument Musicians, Dancers, DJ's, Graphic Designers, Producers, Audio Engineers, Videographers, and Photographers that use each other's skills, talents, and services in order to accomplish their individual dreams and group goals. Everyone in the IE Fraternity assists one another, while also growing as a unit to become the best creators, in our respective fields, as possible. IE is Full of solo Brands, Businesses, and Platforms that are working together in their communities to build a better future for tomorrow.

Mission: To seek out and assist local businesses and talent of all kinds. To keep our Planet clean and teach the youth of important trades. To spread love and knowledge, and to be compassionate to those we cannot help. To live, to laugh and to learn. To inspire a positive change, one person at a time.

“Leading by Example.”

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